Notes on life, productivity and building digital products.

McPiper Website Review

February 8, 2021

Last week I switched to doing 50% dev work and 50% marketing for my products. That's one week for dev work and one week marketing the…

Pomodoro isn't enough

January 13, 2021

25 minute work chunks don't work for long term projects.

Building McPiper v1

January 3, 2021

Notes on building McPiper v1 - macOS status bar application for monitoring GitLab CI/CD pipelines

Interactive Notebooks for Early Stage Development

October 17, 2020

Using Jupyter notebooks to test new packages and 3rd party APIs integrations.

Maker Update - Week 30, 2020

July 26, 2020

This week update, end of July edition.

Building Side Projects

July 19, 2020

Things I've learned when building side projects.

On Productivity

January 18, 2020

Notes on how to be productive.

Reviewing proposals to build digital products

June 1, 2019

What to pay attention to when you received a proposal for building a digital product. Specification, costs, technology, security, etc.

Vica Architecture v0.5

March 16, 2019

Short overview of the architecture for Vica - weekly reviews app.

Introducing Vica - Weekly review app

February 11, 2019

In the last few years, I've been studying and applying various productivity methods in my personal and professional life. This varied from…

Open Projects

February 3, 2019

I have worked on a large number of projects over the past 10 years. The last time I calculated, the total was more than 100. It wasn't…

Optimising Personal Hosting

April 14, 2018

Over the last few years, I had a number of small side projects to either learn new technologies or experiment with new ideas. Some of these…

Life With No Internet*

January 22, 2018

* Entertainment part of it. For the last 3-4 months, I haven't used * * internet for entertainment - watching movies, news websites or…

Tech Advice for Early Stages of Your Product

March 27, 2017

In the last 5 years at LETO, we’ve gained a lot of experience building digital products, especially at early stages.  In late 2011, we…

Weekly Planner Optimized for Productivity and Shipping Something Every Day

January 8, 2017

It's no longer available to download, but I still want to keep this post for future reference. Planning is essential for a productive week…

Shipping Something Every Day

January 7, 2017

One of my New Year Resolutions this year is to ship something every single day . By shipping, I mean releasing something out to the world…

One Side Project at a Time

November 2, 2016

If you can come up with the next big idea almost every day, but in the end, abandon after a week, this post is for you. Over the past few…

Looking After Yourself

November 1, 2016

It's a quick post on stuff that helps to keep sanity and also look after yourself. Bootstrapping your business if a brutal roller coaster…

Beta Version of Your Product

September 13, 2013

When you develop the Beta version of your product, after MVP and prototype are tested, and there are some insights about the product and…