Weekly Planner Iteration 2 Daily Grid 2

Jan 15, 2017 21:31 · 136 words · 1 minute read

After using the previous planner I found few issues with it and made these changes for the upcoming week. The new version is available to download on this website by clicking the link below.

Download weekly planner

What’s changed?

For the past few months (4-5 months) I’ve been using B6 size notepad for tracking where my time during the day goes, and I really like the format. Each link has 3 squares, each for 10 minutes and you can be granular enough to see what you spend your time on.

Since I’m using weekly planner to plan my week it struck me that I can use the same planner for tracking where my time goes. In this version, I’ve added the grid for tracking time in 10 minutes intervals, and also changed the colour to grey.