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Nov 22, 2017 19:43 · 421 words · 2 minutes read

Learn about creating digital products in simple English

If you are a non-techie but wish you knew more about creating digital products - sign up for the newsletter. Each week you will receive an email with the description of some process, project management techniques or best practices in the tech industry in simple English.

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For the most people, technology is something fascinating and frightening the same time. Every non-technical person I’ve talked to in the past 5 years realised that tech is important and they wished they knew more about it. But the idea of learning more about it frightens them because they don’t understand it. This is the reason for creating this newsletter.

Every week I will write an email with a brief explanation of some development principle or techniques in simple English so a non-techie can understand it.

You are

Someone, who wants to understand what the hell these tech people are talking about. Working with technologies isn’t your primary concern, but you want to understand the basics.

Maybe you work in a startup, or you are doing a project related to your business and you want to understand how to get the best results with technology. Even if you simply run a blog or a website you need to know how to optimise it for search engines and user experience.

Also, I will keep the emails short and if you want to dig deeper, there will be “read more” links.

Topics covered

I would love to cover all tech topics out there, but it’s not practical as you won’t need to know everything.

Instead, I will focus on anything between project management and the actual technologies. I won’t go into the detail of development something. Just the surface, but you will be more confident in the tech meeting next time.

Have a question?

Also, if you have a question about something tech related, just ask and I will answer it in one of the newsletters.

Who am I

Hi, my name is Oleg and I’m a founder and CTO of a London based digital agency, LETO. Since 2011 we’ve developed and launched more than 80 digital projects. We have gained a lot of insight on what works in tech and I will share these best practices and my experience.