Pocket App Printed

Oct 20, 2016 08:08 · 237 words · 2 minutes read

The problem

Pocket app is great for saving articles you’d like to read later. The only problem for me is that pocket becomes a graveyard for great posts and articles that I wanted to read at some point. And the truth is that every week I add more articles than I read.

I first noticed it almost a year ago, but still haven’t figured a way to solve this problem. This blog post describes one of the possible solutions to this problem. Also, I’ve pitched this idea at the previous internal hackathon at LETO, but we worked on a different idea in the end.


For this possible solution, you can create Pocket integration that sends you an email every week with a PDF of all articles you’ve favourited or marked with “print”.

How it works

  • User logs in with Pocket app account (they have oAuth)
  • Confirms the settings (select the period, default once a week)
  • Uses pocket app and tag items with ‘print’

Every Saturday morning you run a crontab that checks that user’s articles which were marked with #print during that period, gets articles, save these pages as PDF, combine them into a single PDF file, send an email.

Pocket doesn’t give you article contents, so you’d need to use PhantomJS or another way to parse a page and save it.

In case anyone implements this integration, let me know, I’d love to use it.